February 7, 2018 Health & Fitness

As we move into February, how are your goals for living a healthy & active life? Have you done all those things you said you were going to do? Excercise more, eat less rubbish, drink more water etc.? If like most people, your good intentions have slipped a little, you may be feeling a little discouraged, sluggish and generally not that motivated to get fit and healthy in 2018.

Last week I completed a big goal I had to set myself- running the Dubai marathon! Now that it’s over, I find myself a little “over it”, not that motivated to carry on this big fitness drive and I am seriously over all that clean eating! So time to focus on getting that fitness MOJO back!
Some hints and tips to help you stay on track with this year’s health goals:

As we are sharing, one of my 2018 goals is to train to complete a half Ironman in January 2019! Done it’s out there…now it’s your turn!