August 2, 2018 Health & Fitness

You don’t have to do your usual gym workout on your holidays. Switch it up and try something new? – Go for a long swim, go for a run on the beach, do water sports, go horseback riding, cycling; you name it.

Work out with a group of friends or with the family. Do fun sports in the water like play with the frisbee or water tennis. As a group you can go water-skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, canoeing you name it!
Check out our friend on Insta for some great weekly workouts across the next 8 weeks.

You can even use the environment you find yourself in… Did you see Jane making an awesome work out routine using coconuts in Thailand?  Now surely that’s a creative holiday alternative.

Yellow Tip:

Go for a beautiful hike with a friend and pick up some garbage on the way. Your legs will be thankful as well as our planet! Jane did this a couple of weekends ago with 2 of her good friends – 15 miles of gorgeous coastal path, blue skies, refreshing ocean swims and a 2 minute beach clean up AND a lovely pub at the end!  Check out:  @nationaltrust if you’re in the UK for more details on Coastal paths to explore in the UK.