October 1, 2017 Festivals

This summer I went to 3 Festivals where the focus wasn’t just about music: Boardmasters (Originally a Surf Competition), The Do Lecturers (A thinking Festival) and LoveFit (A new Fitness Festival). Interestingly they all still had a “high point” which featured music or a DJ but their original reason for being wasn’t the music line up. it made me think about this area from a yellow perspective…

Why don’t you look into Festivals that help you with your passion or side project?

By diarising it now- you” ll prioritise it like a holiday, but it’s much shorter & intense and is a great way to change your perspective and meet like minded people. I definitely saw this at LoveFit where fitness professionals got to try each others sessions and generate new ideas & collaborations.

Are there “Tribes” you need to target with your ideas or products

think beyond the BIG well known festivals and look for local alternatives to connect with people & find new affordable & passionate consumers and ambassadors. Our friends @thedrybag used Boardmasters to do some consumer research on their carry bag made for wetsuits amongst the surfing crowd – invaluable insights & fun at the same time!

How could YOU or your product add value to a festival?

I was bowled over by the team from @thebotanistgin and their living herb wall that they brought to the DOlectures. They didn’t pay a fortune but paid with product and experience and connected with 150 influencers for life…! Here’s the repost from the Do team…
“At DO we think about one of our most powerful senses. The sense of smell. The amazing @thebotanistgin didn’t just bring their mighty fine gin, they brought an entire herb garden with them. So when you walked into the Gin Den, the smell took you somewhere else.”

What’s different that you could do in 2018? We’d love to hear your ideas and hear how you get on?