March 20, 2018 Inspiration

Albert Einstein
Today we know Albert Einstein is a true genius, but as a kid Albert didn’t speak until he was 4 years old and his schoolteacher thought he was lazy and did not make sense. Despite all the negative comments Albert didn’t give up and amazed everyone.

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin’s family was poor and could not afford his education. Despite that Benjamin continued reading every book, he could lay his hands on to learn more and more. Today Franklin is found in all the history books!

Oprah Winfrey
At the age of 14, Oprah gave birth to a child and lost it, she was molested by family members and got turned down for many jobs. Despite it all, Oprah used all her emotions and experiences to help others.

Michael Jordan
Growing up Jordan loved playing basketball and it was the only thing he wanted to do. Unfortunately none of the coaches gave him a shot because he was too short. Jordan did not give up and practiced day and night. Through a connection he got into basketball camp where he got notices. He is now one of the best basketball players, a member of the NBA Hall of Fame.