Are you ready to make it yellow?

We are a business energiser, a new type of adviser and partner for today’s rapidly changing working life.


Together we’ll fuel a new approach.

We will shine a light on your business, partnering to develop a bespoke plan that solves your burning issue, or grows your brilliant idea.

Our goal is to create a lasting positive impact on your business results and culture, leaving your team in better shape and feeling better for it.


We’ll give you the tools & the trainer


We start by meeting you and understanding your business needs. Think of it as an initial ‘fitness test’, where we draw on and share our global experience to assess how we can help you best, before agreeing a plan that achieves your goals.


Depending on the plan and your own resources, we can introduce you to a diverse array of industry professionals, all part of our global talent network that we hand select for each project. We hope that you will be a yellow friend too.


Once the plan is in place, we will check back regularly to make sure everyone is sticking to it and happy with the results. We can make adjustments and set new targets, whatever is needed to stay in shape.


Jane is our founder and energiser, and has an innate ability to help people achieve above and beyond what they thought they were capable of. This personal support and professional development is part of the yellow DNA.


We’re experienced & energetic.

Jane has spent over 20 years working in more than 50 countries on global brand projects. Based in Amsterdam and specialising in sports and hospitality, we want to give some of that energy and experience to whoever is ready to make it yellow.


If you’re ready, get in touch.

If you need a little more persuading, here are some examples of the work we do, and a few words and a video from some of our Yellow Friends.

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If you bring Yellow into your business you will exit the process stronger than when you started it.

Yellow helps people to achieve above and beyond what they think they’re capable of.

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